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The Path to Purpose Life

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When I first joined Real Estate, I began to recognize all the talk around helping people find their “dream home,” and although that may sometimes be the case, I quickly began to realize that not all life events that cause one to sell or buy their home, leads to dreams coming true.

At one point I received a call from clients who had recently heard that their adult daughter was faced with a long lasting degenerative health condition, that would potentially lead her back under the roof and care of her parents. This change in their lives resulted in a need for a bigger home. At that point, I began to understand that my purpose as a realtor was something much greater than helping to fulfill dreams.

I knew my own life events, situations, relationships, living arrangements and faith, needed to be a value I brought to my business. I began asking God to make it clear to me where he was planning to use me. He answered those prayers and gave the vision of Purpose Life Homes.

When I was twenty years old, I fell in love with my soul mate.  A first glance of the two of us, one would quickly compute that Jeff had a life event that probably shattered his future. My husband, much before I met him, sustained a spinal cord injury leaving him a quadriplegic who is dependent on a wheelchair to get around. Our life, although has a lot of dreams that do come true, has a lot of reality that hits us in the face. I couldn’t imagine doing life without him.

After fostering our two boys, now having adopted them, our prayer and our goal, is to live this life with a purpose. To seek what God has in store for us, and to act on that as a result. This life is too short to be selfish, insecure about what we don’t have and to hold back on sharing what we do.

Here at Purpose Life Homes, we are much more than home sales. We are a place where we share life, through laughter & tears, faith, business, and home. We believe that life is best lived in community, that lessons are best learned through faith, and that friendships are best built with meaning. This is intentional living; it’s messy, it’s difficult, it’s Purpose Life …

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