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The Nourish to Flourish Society

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Being a career driven person yet a hard-working mom and wife, one of the areas in my life I have seen dramatic change, is in my ability to find consistency and motivation to plan ahead. Not only just in picking out mine and my kid’s outfits the night before, but preparing meals, workouts, family time, the list goes on; and to be quite frank, I really stink at this.

I have learned the hard way as it wears on not only myself, but those around me. I’ve come to realize that this poor habit of waiting until the last minute is not just what we refer to as procrastination, but truly a way to cope with being stressed and worn out on all levels.

Raising a family is hard enough, just making sure they are always buckled in their car-seats and not chocking on grapes, but to add the additional responsibilities of long-term health, knowledge, and faith to their every day lives, it’s enough to steer me to a large glass of merlot just thinking about it.

I’m always envious when on vacation we find ourselves meandering the closed streets of a local Farmer’s Market. For whatever reason life seems to slow down, my buried joy of cooking and “playing” in the kitchen begins to surface. My stress subsides. I notice the “regulars” as they bounce from vendor to vendor purchasing their weekly picks. It’s as if these people really know what to do with a Quince or Tatsoi (don’t worry I just Googled those, I have no idea what they are).

In that moment, I imagine days where I too could be that person; cooking and prepping, using an array of healthy foods and recipes. It’s a perfect picture… my kitchen shutters opened, allowing a cool breeze to pass through. My hair pulled back in a bun as I wear my Cotton & Muslin apron. I’m sorting through my freshly gathered veggies from my local grower.

Sounds so dreamy, but in reality just saying that out loud, I begin to retract, as it appears so intimidating and consuming. But is it really that difficult? Is it really that overwhelming? The answer is no… because it’s a journey. It’s as if we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe that we cannot live a healthy life and eat nourishing food while still being a mom and overworked by all the daily occurrences and responsibilities. I’m totally guilty of this.

Learning to live life with intention takes patience. it takes time. It takes determining what’s important and learning to slow down to implement those decisions.

Here at Purpose Life Homes, we believe life is best lived in community, lessons are better learned through faith, and the greatest friendships are built with meaning and that’s exactly why we want to introduce you to an amazing health platform that will teach, guide, and support you to your goals of accomplishing a healthy lifestyle for you and your family no matter your situation.

Angelle Batten and Jill Tanis are co-founders of The Nourish to Flourish Society. As Life Coaches for women with an expertise in nutrition, emotional eating and self-care, they have over 26 years of combined experience helping women learn how to nourish their bodies, minds and spirits in practical + soulful ways every day. In the past two years, Angelle and Jill have guided over 1200 women through their signature Reset Program: a 14-day Roadmap to Jumpstart Weight loss, Calm Cravings, Boost Energy, Create Hormonal Harmony and Fall in Love with Self Care.

It doesn’t have to be the way I’ve explained it or experienced it. Allow an amazing group of women to lead you to a place of empowerment when it comes to serving and caring for yourself & your family. We deserve the best! So let’s learn from the best. I’m excited to see how this platform and program can help you and your family. Click here to see how you can be apart of this growing health community.

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To hear more about Jill and Angelle, please listen to their podcast with Irma & Sarah at Purpose Life Podcast.

Learn more about The Nourish to Flourish Society on their Facebook page and website:


Jill Tanis and Angelle Batten from The Nourish to Flourish Society on Purpose Life Homes


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