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How God used me to reach others at VBS

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Hello! My name is Sophia and I’m 11 years old. I have been to going to Vacation Bible School for 3 years.

This was my last year at Grace Church of Glendora as a camper. I really enjoyed my student leader Isaiah. I was paying close attention since I was going to be a student leader the next week at Glenkirk Church in Glendora.

Here is what happened. 

One of my favorite parts of VBS is worship. At Glenkirk, they have a huge worship center and sanctuary. They always decorate the stage with anything that relates to the theme of the week. Last year was Cosmic Clubhouse and there was a huge telescope! This year’s theme was Super Hero. They always put on the best light shows during worship.

It’s a weird feeling because I used to be the kid asking if we could go outside and play but now I’m the counselor that is watching the kids outside and playing. It feels like so many more things matter when you become a 6thgrader. To me being 10 and a 5thgrader seems forever ago! There is so much more responsibility and leadership involved.

This year I was assigned as a student volunteer for 2ndgraders. We went through 11 hours of training the weekend before VBS started. There was a lot more to being a counselor than I thought. They had a first-aid class where we learned signs of heat stroke, how to deal with bloody noses, fractures, bee stings and scrapes. I mean, it was crazy how much stuff you had to learn and remember. We talked about the characteristics of the kids at all the ages, and remind they look up to us … so even if we are tired – don’t show it. Be happy and be excited ALWAYS!  Even though we were tired from all the training, by the beginning of VBS I felt prepared and ready!

With friends/fellow volunteers at Glenkirk Church Sophia, Liana, Hailey & Dayna

With friends/fellow volunteers at Glenkirk Church
Sophia, Liana, Hailey & Dayna

God was included throughout the day of course. When the counselors would arrive in the worship center we had devotions and heard about whoever the bible Super Hero was that day. (Peter, Ester, Mary, Joshua and Elijah)

We had worship in the morning with the kids. Next, we did crafts, where they made prayer boxes, money jars, and painted their favorite verses on stones where they could leave them in their neighborhood. After that was games, snacks, bible stories and small group time where we’d memorize bible verses. At Imagination station they did science experiments related to God.

On the last day, I had the amazing opportunity to lead a little girl to Christ through me. It was incredible! I was walking to Bible stories with three girls around me. One girl said “I’ve already asked God to be my Savior. Another girl said she has too. I asked the last girl if she had and she said no. I asked her would like to? She said yes. So, I told her that we could pray later. After Imagination Station we walked to a nearby patio table. I was tearing up a bit when I told her how important asking God to be her Savior was. I told her we are all born as sinners, Jesus died on the cross for us and he rose again, so we could be forgiven of our sins. And she accepted God that day with me. I told her you only have to do this once. Right now in heaven there are angels saying your name and celebrating! You are part of Gods family.

It was the most amazing moment ever, It taught me more about my faith and my relationship with Jesus.

I can’t wait for next year when I get to be a counselor at Grace and Glenkirk. I hope God will work through me again to reach more kids.

Sophia with Pastor Amber Baker of Grace Church of Glendora

Sophia with Pastor Amber Baker of Grace Church of Glendora







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