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I don’t know about you … but I’m the queen of making lists. There’s a list for everything! Things to do for work, possible topics for our podcast, room mom duties, things to clean and organize around the house and of course the grocery list … which I usually leave at home! (That’s my Momnesia kicking in – but that’s a topic for another blog!)

And while my husband Peter and I split the big chores around the house, we have started to get our 11 year old daughter Sophia to pitch and help. We have given her the tasks of doing her own laundry, setting and clearing the dinner table and sometimes washing dishes. All with NO PAY, of course! I mean, hey, we didn’t get paid to do that when we were kids – and we turned out fine. Or did we?

My mother-in-law was great with money and saving. She could tell you where every penny was spent in her household. And she taught my husband to do the same, almost too much. My family, well, not so much. Let’s just say I got my spending habits from my mom. So now Peter and I joke that he is ‘cheap’ and I’m ‘shop-a-holic.’ So, did the fact that as kids we never got an allowance for chores around the house turn us into this? Research says it’s possible.

So, I was very excited to talk to Gregg Murset about He is the co-founder of the ONLY system where children COMPLETE chores, MANAGE allowance and INVEST in stock.

He says, ‘Think of it as your kid’s first job with direct deposit.”

A Harvard study says the secret to raising a kid who will turn into a successful adult is … chores!! They say the earlier you start chores, the better because chores teach kids good work ethic.

Here’s a few suggested chores for your kids. The little ones can pick up their toys and put them away. Then as they get older the chores get bigger. Laundry, making their bed, setting the table, taking out the trash, walking and cleaning up after the family pet. And Gregg says the teen years are the best – because once they start driving his own kids would have to get the oil changed on the family car!

If you have kids of any age – you don’t want to miss this episode with Gregg from on our Purpose Life Podcast!



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